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Recent Posts

Stuck Energy

Many spiritual tradition caution against judgement.  It is certainly not consistent with being loving, much less unconditionally loving.  In a way it suggests that we know what something or someone should be or... READ MORE

I’m Listening

“Listening is one of the deepest, most profound signs of loving — listening to yourself and listening to others. Your heart goes out and wraps around them, and God’s spirit of loving embraces... READ MORE

Fountain of Love

Who among us has not experienced closing off and shutting down our loving when something happens that we judge or find hurtful or upsetting.  We withdraw loving somehow thinking that to keep experiencing... READ MORE


“My life has become absurd, It feels unreal,” I wail. “It is–” The subtle voice whispers “Not real”     “But I feel like I’m losing control” I cry. “You can’t lose something”... READ MORE

Lifting In Love

I’m lifting in love with you Will you lift in love with me? Sharing a love that is sacred Living a life that is free? I’m lifting in love with you As I... READ MORE

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