Why Astrology?

Why Astrology?

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Like any systems seeking to understand and describe human personality and behavior, astrology is a system and a language that can provide insight into ourselves, others and our relationships.  Having a background in psychology , I am aware than many psychological systems work with what constitutes pathology and what doesn’t, or describe personality traits in a fairly static way.

For me, astrology is far more dynamic.  It is not that the stars dictate who we are or become.  However, it is difficult for me to postulate that we are not part of the bigger whole and influenced by the forces of the universe and time in history in which we live.  We do have a choice in how we respond to these influences as we do any experience in our lives.  Knowing the tendencies of the influence or the time and place of our birth can help us be more conscious in our choices about how to use and respond to those influences.  I may have a tendency to be stubborn, but I can learn to be more flexible and open-minded and still embrace my ability to persevere.  If I have an affinity for altered states of consciousness, I can choose to explore that through meditation and spiritual practices, rather than through drugs and alcohol or other addictions.

Similarly, knowing the current astrological “weather” during a particular period of time that is influencing my life, there might be more productive choices that are in cooperation with that.  If it is raining, so to speak, it might not be a great day for the beach but might be a great time to work on the novel I had in mind.  If I better understand differences between myself and others I am close to, I can choose to use those to expand and complement each other rather than becoming involved in judging or power struggles.

For me, Astrology provides useful insights into helping a client see both the gifts he or she has to offer and those areas of life where they need to more consciously integrate different parts of themselves. It is an invaluable tool for personal growth and for developing harmonious relationships.

Action Step:
How can understanding some of your personality tendencies assist you in using them more consciously in a positive way? How can knowing how someone else’s personality tendencies help you better relate to them?

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  1. Knowing that I respond to things with emotions that are often intense, I have learned to give myself some time to process my feelings before addressing an issue that involves another person. I have sometimes found that my reactions are exaggerated by an experience resonating in my unconscious with something in my past, often when I was younger. Understanding this added layer can help me diffuse the emotion and respond in a more objective way. Sometimes I need to do self nurturing things to help heal the past situation.