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Surrendering To You

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What would I not give over to you?

My shames, embarrassments, indiscretions,
secrets, fears, fantasies,
thinking you would scorn, mock, judge, ridicule,
and cast me off?

What would I not give over to you?

My gifts, successes, triumphs
well-tended gardens of my life,
suspecting you could do nothing to improve my competencies?

What would I not give over to you?

My dilemmas, decisions, challenges,
opportunities, wounds,
deciding that they were mine alone
to handle, deal with, master?

What would I not give over to you,

My precious love, my yearnings, loved ones,
would-be loved ones, wisdoms?

Assuming you had all those in multitudes
and no need for mine?

O Beloved,
There is nothing I have,
nothing I am,

nothing I have regretted, exulted, studied,
obsessed about, cherished,
denied, treasured, or prided
that I would not want purified, transfigured,
directed by you.
Take them all, Lord.
Let them all once more be glorified,
— and me.

from “Whitwoman” Poems © Connie Marie Stomper 1998

Action Step:
What can you give over to the Lord right now to give you more freedom and sense of peace in your life?