Currently we offer two workshops that came from my work in the Doctor of Spiritual Science Program at Peace Theological Seminary.

“Receiving the Blessings in Everyday Experience”

  • Create a more loving and supportive relationship with yourself.
  • Learn to use all experiences, including negative ones,
    to fuel positive self-discovery and to heal and uplift your spirit.
  • Turn disturbances into greater peace.
  • Develop a consciousness of greater abundance.

“Creating Through Intention”

  • Learn to co-create using spiritual principles.
  • Understand why goal setting may not be the best approach
    to creating what you want.
  • Release blocks to manifesting your visions.
  • Learn the difference between surrendering to Spirit and “giving up”.
  • Discern your role and Spirit’s role in the co-creative process.

These are offered as a a one day workshop or as a 6 week ongoing class. The cost is $150. 

Scheduled workshops are posted on the website or please contact us if you would like to organize one in your area. I also do talks on these subjects.

“Excellent workshop– very effective and deep work in a short amount of time!!! Not a lot of facilitators have such quality material and are able to present so effectively.”  —Linda Ticer

I have also co-created and co-facilitate trainings in consensus decision making in collaboration with Community Planet Foundation.   See Community-Consensus work and a detailed description on the Community Planet Website.