What People Are Saying About This Work…


“While I have taken several workshops over the years, yours is the culmination, the one tying the others together, the frosting on the cake. Positive thinking and self-esteem are great but My Life is For Me is transformational. This workshop, in a simple way, set the stage for profound changes in my day to day life.”  —Ellie Gantt, Medical Services Coordinator


“The frustrating thing about trying to live according to spiritual ideals is that they sound great on paper but turn out to be difficult to do. The amazing thing about your approach is that it gave (and continues to give) me a quick, deceptively easy way to shift any kind of disturbance into a lovely way of seeing the advantage in what’s going on, and taking steps to actually use it that way”         —Jill Whitesides,, Producer


“The value that I got from this class is the comfort in knowing that whenever I lose sight of my spiritual bearings in the face of a challenge … I need only remember that “My Life Is For Me”.  This shift in perspective has consistently proven to be the turning point from struggle and confusion to a clear sense of why the challenge has appeared in my life and what it is offering me in terms of spiritual growth.
“Rev. Connie’s in-depth personal experience and dedication to this spiritual work provides a bridge of support and comfort during the invaluable spiritual transformational process this workshop inspires. Thank you Rev. Connie for all that you do and are doing on behalf of our soul evolution!”
—Alara Mills, Board of Trustee Member, Unity by the Sea


“Doing this work changed my life and brought forward a whole new level of abundance. I had always thought that, if I just kept focusing on deepening my spiritual awareness, that would keep bringing me to that experience of ONENESS that I’ve been seeking my whole life.  And now I realize that I will experience that ONENESS by embracing and experiencing the fullness of my humanity, as well as my spirituality”  —CK, Consultant


“The effectiveness of Dr. Stomper’s multi-dimensional work is for me without peer. The work is always stimulating and often has a magical component. With Connie’s astonishing perceptiveness and deep compassion, issues and problems become new vistas to explore, resulting in increased congruence with oneself.  —KK, Systems Analyst


“Excellent workshop — very effective and deep work in a short amount of time!!! Not a lot of facilitators have such quality material and are able to present so effectively.”  —Linda Ticer.


“‘Dr. Stomper’ brings an astounding wealth of knowledge and experience in the study of self and growth. ‘Connie’ brings unbounded sensitivity, perception, intuition, compassion and love. She has a remarkable talent for opening the way from guidepost to guidepost on one’s individual journey of discovery. I find the changes to be both fundamental and lasting.”  —MM, Engineering Manager.


“Thank you so much for holding the My Life is for Me class. I truly enjoyed it a lot and got so much out of it … it is such a good opportunity to learn to look inside to order to start to bring out the best.
“It is a valuable way to learn to see that, in everything, even the seemingly “difficult”, there is so much that we can take away and learn to love in a situation. To see that there are so many different perspectives on seeing how a situation is “for me” really opened my eyes to seeing God working through everything.”  —DK, Manager


“The benefit (of the work) was that I am living my life more fully in awareness of and gratitude for divine order.  —ES, 81 year old grandmother of four.


“As a result of this work, I know I am supported and that my intentions are Infinitely supported … it has shown me how I am responsible for my life at the base of it’s creation. I am truly seeing how life is FOR me. I believe your process can help bring people out of depression …. help them see life, their lives differently.” CJ, Massage Therapist


“Very good content. Lots of good, good stuff to guiding us inward, which is where all the real work takes place.”  —Greg Marshall, Religious Science Minister


“… it was a blessing. It was fun and I grew. What more could I ask from a workshop? I enjoyed your style of presentation also— nice balance of seriousness, deep thinking, twinkles in your eyes, etc…” Charlie Beals


“You help me to see everything so clearly. Every interaction leaves me so happy — so affirmed — my life is greatly enriched. You are indeed the quintessential transformational partner and counselor we have all been searching for!”  —CB, Lawyer


“I enjoyed the opportunity to process experientially.  I like most Connie’s loving, gentle, articulate and insightful manner.”  —Sara L, Educator


“This was the most valuable thing I could imagine doing on a Saturday or any day, and I thank you so much for your generosity.”    —Glenna C.


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