I offer ministerial counseling that draws on my years of training and experience in advanced ministerial studies. The work is enhanced by my graduate work in psychology and over a decade of experience in corporate coaching and consulting.  My areas of specialty are:


  • Individual counseling for personal and spiritual growth
  • Couples and Partnership Counseling including a series called “New Beginnings”  
  • Living with Chronic Illness  
  • Counseling for Caretakers  
  • End of life Counseling


I focus on using all experience as opportunities for expansion and on consciously co-creating more of the quality of life that you want.  Together we work to clear self-sabotaging influences from the past, and to design new approaches and useable, practical steps to assist you in your process.
When desired, I can help you create individualized affirmations and affirmation audio tapes. These build on the work we do together and help the changes to become more integrated on all levels.
Having been challenged with migraine headaches and chronic fatigue at different points in her life, I studied many forms of alternative medicine and often incorporate knowledge of key supplements and other enhancements to health in my holistic approach to counseling.
I also do a special counseling series called “New Beginnings” for couples, or business partners. It is designed to develop a life vision combined with values. Personality assessments help you better understand yourself, each other, and how each partner best contributes to the union. A set of  “interaction agreements” is established based on how the partners want there relationship to function The result is living, working and communicating together with an enhanced degree of cooperation and harmony.   
Because of requests from clients, I now offer phone, skype and e-counseling services.  Sessions are two dollars per minute with a twenty minute minimum.  E-counseling is billed at $65 per email interchange (Question/situation and a response).
“Dr. Stomper brings … an astounding wealth of knowledge and experience in the study of self and growth. ‘Connie’ brings unbounded sensitivity, perception, intuition, compassion and love. She has a remarkable talent for opening the way from guidepost to guidepost on one’s individual journey of discovery. I find the changes to be both fundamental and lasting.”  —MM, Engineering Manager.
To set up a free 10 minute consult or to book a session contact us