As part of my intention to contribute to the collective, my ministry has involved working with the Community Planet Foundation project whose vision is:
A world that works for everyone created by people living and working together in thriving, cooperative, sustainable Communities based on the Highest Good of all life.
whose mission is:
To educate and mobilize people to create a model large-scale cooperative Community demonstrating a happier, healthier, more fulfilling and abundant way of living that will inspire replication and lead to a world that works for everyone.
My work with the foundation includes the co-creation and ongoing co-facilitation of a training in Consensus Decision Making with Community Planet’s founder Jack Reed.  I also write a regular Consensus blog about the consensus principles and skills that are part of the cooperative and collaborative approach that consensus takes.  

A detailed description of and testimonials for the Consensus workshops are described in detail here on the Community Planet Website.  You can also sign up for the workshops and buy Jack’s book outlining the Community Planet vision on the CPF site.