I offer astrological counseling for both individuals and for relationships between couples/partners or other family members or business associates. Creating charts give a shortcut into issues and resources as well as the current “weather” that is currently forming the background in someone’s life.

I do not believe that astrology determines our lives but can in fact inform our choices and ways to use experiences and tendencies in positive ways.

Astrological counseling sessions are $120 per hour with the addition of $30 to create and review the chart for an individual and $50 additional to create charts for two people and the relationship or composite chart. Updates of current astrological influences are $15 if they are included in a natal counseling and $25 additional for a separate reading.

See blog post on “Why Astrology?” for more information about how I see astrology and its use for personal insight and relating to others.


“The effectiveness of Dr. Stomper’s multi-dimensional work is for me without peer. The work is always stimulating and often has a magical component. With Connie’s astonishing perceptiveness and deep compassion, issues and problems become new vista to explore, resulting in increased congruence with oneself.”  —KK, Systems Analyst