One of my favorite “Soul Musings” is that “My Life Is For Me” — which is also the title of a treatise I wrote for a doctoral degree in Spiritual Science from Peace Theological Seminary. It has also become the name of a series of workshops and classes, as well as the focus of the counseling I do.  

The idea behind “My Life is For Me” is to learn to become a conscious co-creator with Spirit, through intention,  and to use all experiences “for” (rather) then against myself.  It  is a way of viewing experiences in this world through the lens of the soul and see the purpose that experiences hold for the soul’s evolution. Consistent with the principles of the workshop “Creating through Intention”, the work has expanded in often “magical” ways. Seeing my life as “for” me is also a method for being true to myself and to learn to express the I AM  in more and more authentic ways.

“My LIfe is For Me” does not mean that my life is not “for” other people. My experience is that when we consider the “highest good of all concern” life works better — for me and for others. Service is an important part of my life and a powerful way to experience the grace of my life being for me.

My intention is to offer these methods in a variety of ways — writings, classes, speaking, counseling, etc. — so that you can try them out and see if any of them work for you. You may discover that your life is for you in wonderful and grace-filled ways you never before imagined.

Video clip of “My Life is For Me” talk