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Lifting In Love

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I’m lifting in love with you

Will you lift in love with me?
Sharing a love that is sacred
Living a life that is free?

I’m lifting in love with you
As I lift in love in me
There’s nothing you must do
There’s nothing you must be.

For I see the you, you are
And the me you see in me
Is the truest we by far
Through all eternity.

I’m lifting in love with you
For this love’s too high to fall
Will you lift in love with me?
Will you share with me your all?

I’m lifting in love with you
Will you soar by my side?
Will you share your deepest self?
With nothing you must hide?

I’m lifting in love with you
For you lift in love as well
Will you laugh and play with me?
While in God’s Heart we dwell.

©1999 Dr. Connie Stomper

Action Step:
How is “Lifting in Love” different than “falling in love” to you?  What can you do to lift yourself and your partner?

2 Responses

  1. Love this way of viewing relationship! So often the experience of “falling in love” is literally “falling” into our unconscious where are images of an ideal partner are projected onto someone. We are not really seeing them for who they are past the projections and if a relationship is based on what we think/wish/hope they are, it is difficult to sustain the relationship for any length of time. When reality intrudes on our projections, we “fall” out of love and/or think we’ve been duped by our partner rather than realizing we were relating to the filter through which we were seeing them. If we “lift in love”, we embrace the good and the bad in ourselves and our partner and use the “sandpapering” that two unique individuals will inevitably do with each other to grow and expand and mature our in our ability to love.

    • Dr. Connie

      What you have described is very much my experience of many relationships —my own and those of my clients. The poem was very much an attempt to describe what relationship is based on a spiritual commitment to grow passed projections and relate from a place of authenticity.