Happy Day of Giving Thanks   (which could be every day!)

Happy Day of Giving Thanks (which could be every day!)

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Gratitude, for me, is an important practice in realizing the abundance within each moment, and I love a holiday which reminds us all to stop and celebrate the blessings that spirit so generously bestows.

It is easy to be grateful for those blessings in life which we like, but what if saw how every experience and situation was a blessing, how abundant would our lives be? How enriching would each day be if only we looked for what blessing, what opportunity was present that day – maybe not in terms of our preferences, but in terms of our soul’s growth.

Take time on this day to acknowledge ALL your blessings, and communicate with those you count you as one of them. their contribution to your life.

May your Thanksgiving Day be blessed with a sense of plenty and with the generosity of spirit towards all which is born of that, and which is so needed in our world today. Together we can create a heart-centered world that values everyone’s worth, our own, our loved ones, and even those who seem different or foreign to us.

My love and blessings,

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Action Step:
What can you give thanks for? What could you move into gratitude around that you hadn’t seen as a blessing up until now?