From Personal to Collective Responsibility

From Personal to Collective Responsibility

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Many people in this day and age have participated in personal growth trainings and/or spiritual practices that teach taking personal responsibility for what we create in our individual lives. However, an extension of personal responsibility is that, as part of the whole of humanity, we also have a responsibility for the greater good of all.


The Consensus training I co-created with Community Planet takes people from individual responsibility to collective responsibility and personal contributions that build a future that is more sustainable, equitable, empowered and peace-filled for all of us in living and working together on the planet.


A ‘consciousness’ of consensus is one that assumes the oneness of us all and looks at actions and decisions with an awareness of how they impact others and how aligned they are with the “highest good of all”. In our experience, aspiring to this as an intention, starts to create community on the planet through our individual lives and interactions. It creates more sustainable and generative relationships as well.


Moreover, the consensus process utilizes the wisdom and creativity of everyone in decisions, creating a synergy that produces ideas and solutions beyond that of any individual member.  So when we look at creating a better future for humanity than the current trajectory might suggest, maximizing the creativity and thus efficacy of solutions for the issues we face as a species is an asset.


For us, the contributions we can make to a new planetary vision with this approach are more systemic in nature — far transcending a piecemeal bandaging of issues while the systems that create those issues remain in place.  Giving a meal to someone without food has value, especially if we make a heart connection with people through that, but eradicating poverty through how we distribute resources on the planet is a service with greater and more essential impact. Moreover, the freeing up the creative contribution of those, who before spent all their time surviving, serves us all.


Action Step:

How might your personal responsibility for the life you want to create include a contribution to the whole in ways that will further enrich your life as well?


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  1. Rene Phillion

    The fundamental core value of our society is that we are separate from the natural world, and by extension, each other. As a result, our decisions rarely consider the impact on others or the natural world. For example, oil exploration, extraction, transportation, refinement and end use cause untold damage to the natural world and according to the world health organization, the premature deaths of over 4 million people a year from air pollution. The narrative of separation is clearly destructive and scientifically falsifiable. We need a new narrative that is in alignment with the natural world before it is too late. Science tells us that we are related to all living things and connected to absolutely everything in the cosmos. A narrative of oneness is what is required for life on our planet to prosper.
    In this new narrative there is no distinction between personal responsibility and collective responsibility. What is good for all living things is good for the individual and vice versa.