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“My life has become absurd, It feels unreal,” I wail. “It is–” The subtle voice whispers “Not real”     “But I feel like I’m losing control” I cry. “You can’t lose something”... READ MORE

Conscious Relationship

Historically, marriages were based on economic factors and roles were assigned to individuals within that institution. Roles gave men and women clear guidelines for interacting and thus clear expectations of each other. When... READ MORE

Lifting In Love

I’m lifting in love with you Will you lift in love with me? Sharing a love that is sacred Living a life that is free? I’m lifting in love with you As I... READ MORE

Why Astrology?

Like any systems seeking to understand and describe human personality and behavior, astrology is a system and a language that can provide insight into ourselves, others and our relationships.  Having a background in psychology... READ MORE

Surrendering To You

What would I not give over to you? My shames, embarrassments, indiscretions, secrets, fears, fantasies, thinking you would scorn, mock, judge, ridicule, and cast me off? What would I not give over to... READ MORE

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